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Lemon Juice is rich in vitamin C, microelements and hormones.

It wonderfully cleans insoluble salts and slime out of our body.

Drinking juice squeezed from one lemon helps us stay young.

It contains estrogen-like phytochemicals substances and therefore is very beneficial for older females.

Some chemical compounds found in lemon juice are very effective in the prevention of infectious diseases.

We should drink lemon juice as a preventative measure against the flu epidemic and colds in late fall and early spring.

Lemon juice can be used in a preventative or healing therapy.

For Prevention :

It is used in the following dosages:

Day 1 - 1 Lemon - Day 10
Day 2 - 2 Lemons - Day 9
Day 3 - 3 Lemons - Day 8
Day 4 - 4 Lemons - Day 7
Day 5 - 5 Lemons - Day 6

From the first to the fifth day, we add one lemon every day and from the sixth day to the tenth day, we subtract one lemon a day.In total, we drink juice squeezed from 30 lemons during 10 days.

We can prepare lemon juice in the following way: Cut a lemon in half horizontally, squeeze both halves and drink the juice without adding any sugar.If you are not able to drink pure lemon juice, dilute it with water and add one teaspoonful of honey.

You should not discard the squeezed lemon - it contains valuable phytochemicals ingredients and essential oils that are beneficial for the heart,blood vessels and brain.

Cut the squeezed lemon into small pieces, put them into a jar, add honey or sugar, and put it into a refrigerator. In ten hours, you will have an excellent lemon extract that can be mixed with boiled or mineral water and used instead of tea or coffee.

Lemon Juice Healing Therapy !

Use only pure lemon juice for the purpose of this therapy - do not dilute it with water; do not add any honey or sugar. It should be prepared the same way as for preventative lemon therapy (as discussed above).You can drink it half an hour before or one hour after your meals. whichever is more convenient.

To treat serious,chronic diseases, we have to drink in total juice squeezed from 200 lemons during the therapy. THIS NUMBER might surprise you. Some people get a sensation of sour taste in their mouth just by thinking about such amount of citric acid. This is not an error - it has to be 200 lemons and not even one fewer (more is allowed).

During his practice, Author have seen hundreds of people who enjoyed good health thanks to drinking large amounts of lemon juice.

I drank up to ten cups of lemon juice (squeezed from about forty lemons) daily. When you try, you will find out that there is nothing to be afraid of.

In rare cases, large amounts of citric acid in the stomach may lead to irregularities of intestinal function.

In such cases we can temporarily switch to preventative therapy dosages until our stomach get used to lemon juice, and then try the healing therapy again.

In Healing Therapy;

The following dosages are recommended:

Day 1 & 12 - 5 lemons
Day 2 & 11 - 10 lemons
Day 3 & 10 - 15 lemons
Day 4 & 9 - 20 lemons
Day 5,6,7 & 8 - 25 lemons

This represents in total juice squeezed from 200 lemons consumed over 12 days. The daily amounts should we split into 3 - 5 dosages. Some people are terrified by the amount of juice (about one liter or quart) to be consumed on days 5, 6, 7, and 8.

However,we are not afraid to drink two quart of apple or blackcurrant juice. Lemon is just another fruit only more sour.

The therapy described above can be used for treating kidney stones.Lemon juice is one of the best remedies against them.

There is an observable increase in the kidney function during the therapy.Your urine may get darker and, when allowed to stand for some time, may produce reddish sediment of uric salts.

At the beginning of the therapy, one quart of of urine can produce significant amount of sediment.This means that uric acid is rapidly removed from our body thanks to the therapy.

Our urine becomes amber-colored at the end of therapy and it does not produce sediment even if allowed to stand for a long time. This means that our body does not contain excess amounts of uric acid anymore.

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Written By:
Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D.
A Russian Doctor


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Anonymous said...

Can you pls tell me what diet can be taken in night. Can I eat in night? or should I remain completely on Lemon jouice during healing therapy? pls reply soon

Anonymous said...

my sis did it, and it worked, thanks alot...

Anonymous said...

How long this therapy need to be taken to see results or just to be used in general ?

Friendly regards: Terry